Within the framework of a complete refurbishment of Ludwigslust Castle’s eastern wing (Staatliches Museum Schwerin), two radio plays in the AROS Format were created and produced in association with arge gillmann schnegg (groenlandbasel und atelier gillmann). The radio plays are being played back in the castle’s Gilded Hall over an orchestration speaker system, carrying the visitors back to the castle’s golden age. Both radio plays cover thereby the epochs of Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg (end of the 18th century) as well as of Friedrich Franz I., Grand Duke of Mecklenburg (beginning of the 19th century).
For the implementation, music with Musica Instrumentalis Schwerin and the Mecklenburgisches Barockorchester each under the direction of Stefan Fischer was recorded in the Gilded Hall, music that was possibly performed in said hall by the court orchestra at that time. The texts of these radio plays consist mostly of original quotes out of letters by residents of the castle and their guests.

As part of the Idee and Klang Team I was responsible for voice editing and premix of the immersive audio play.


Conception, project management and dramaturgy: arge gillmann schnegg (groenlandbasel und atelier gillmann)
Recording: Idee und Klang Studio, Benjamin Gut
Narrators: Cathrin Störmer, Christian Heller, Klaus Brömmelmeier, Inga Eickemeier, Raphael Clamer, Marc Bodnar, Jörg Schröder
Content research: Staatliches Museum Schwerin, Dr. Karin Annette Möller and Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin, Dr. Matthias Manke
Music: Musica Instrumentalis Schwerin, Mecklenburgisches Barockorchester, direction Stefan Fischer
Authors:  Cornelia Sturm & Andreas Sauter
Media planning: iart AG
Illumination planning: atelier deLuxe
Technical realisation: Setis Cine Elektronik GmbH

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