„Auditive Realität(en)“ is an interactive audio installation with the aim to point out the differences in individual perception and the influence of the subconscious on our consciousness. The installation puts the visitors in various soundscapes which can be manipulated only by their movements in the room. The installation is constructed for two people. The first person can manipulate the auditory environment by his movements inside the room. The room is virtually separated in four parts. Every part is assigned to a different soundscape. This means the first visitor can experience various soundscapes depending on his position in the room. From a deep forest to a big city environment, the visitor can completely change his acoustic environment with only few steps. When the second visitor enters the room, the installation will be extended and the soundscapes get modified by several audio effects like grain delay, filter of LFO´s which create an artificial surreal soundscape. The amount of modification depends on the distance between the two visitors. When the distance is small the soundscapes are unmodified and sound real. When the distance gets larger, the soundscapes will be more and more effected and start to sound surreal. This will lead to an interaction between the two visitors. Both visitors have an influence on the auditory environment and together can explore the contrast between the real and surreal soundscapes.

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